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Immobile is the word that can define a car without tyres. It’s the tyres that enables movement in a car and omitting tyres from the equation is just incomprehensible. Now, we all acknowledge the imperative nature of tyres, but the story doesn’t just end here. The world of tyres is divided into different types, each explaining a specific style of use. So, to attain satisfactory performance from your tyres, you should equip your car with the right type of tyres.

Sounds too confusing? Well, fret not as Coventry Tyres is there at your service. Allow us to explain the various categories and types of car tyres Coventry that we humbly host at our garage.

    Explaining The Tyre Types

    As mentioned earlier, the tyres are generally classified into various types. This classification is generally drawn based on terrain and weather. Let’s understand it more elaborately -

  • Summer Tyres
  • As the name suggests, summer tyres are more suited for regions dominated by the summers. Summer tyres are composed of a hard rubber compound which allows them to withstand extremely high temperatures. Speaking of temperatures, their performance will see a decline if they are utilized in a more cold-oriented climate as they can’t discharge their functions in temperatures falling below 7 degree celsius.

    These tyres are very effective in providing traction on both wet and dry roads. Their grooves are capable of driving out excess water from the tyre surface to ensure better grip and braking performance.

  • Winter Tyres
  • Composed of a higher natural rubber content, winter tyres flaunt a softer structure than their summer cousins. Their fundamental architecture enables them to deliver exceptional performance in areas influenced by high winters as their soft compound does not harden because of the cold. Their grooves are capable of driving out water which promotes better on-road grip. The deeper tread pattern efficiently holds snow and encourages grip on snowy surfaces.

    However, they can’t be employed in terrains with high temperatures as their soft compound can’t sustain an extremely hot climate.

  • All-Season Tyres
  • These tyres are engineered to deliver adequate performance in all seasons. Their compound composition lies somewhere in between the summer and winter tyres. The compound structure is not as hard as the summer tyres and is neither too soft as in the case of winter tyres. This makes an apt choice in both winters and summers. However, there is a catch.

    True, all-season tyres can perform in both the hot and cold sides of the year, but they can’t withstand extreme temperatures. All-season tyres are designed for moderate climates and can function extremely well in not-so-extreme climates. If used in terrains suffering high winters or extreme summers, they will wear out at an abrupt pace.

  • All-Terrain Tyres
  • These tyres are designed to support your car on every surface or terrain. From dirt roads to sandy surfaces, to rocky terrains, you can bank on all-terrain tyres for delivering splendid performance and optimum safety. These tyres are generally suited for SUVs and trucks that transverse different kinds of terrains.

    So, that was our list that covered the major categories of tyres. If this tempted you to buy a fine set of car tyres Coventry, then be sure to visit us at Coventry Tyres. We would love to entertain your demands.