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Van tyres are one of the most ignored ones among the tyre family. They bear the weight of the complete van, which often carries heavy loads. They are regularly subjected to rough road conditions and rigorous usage. If kept in good condition, van tyres Coventry can not only help you carry loads around quicker but also help you save money on fuel expenses.

At Coventry Tyres, we understand this need of yours and make sure to provide you with products that are designed for your needs. We promise to provide better grip, shorter braking distance, excellent traction and much more through our products to ensure that you have a safe driving experience.

What do they need?

Just a bit of care and regular maintenance can help you save not only your tyres but expense on different aspects as well. Keep a check on the tyre pressure to avoid any extensive wearing. Regular alignment and balancing can help you save your tyres from wearing prematurely as well.

Some of the most efficient and value-for-money van tyres Coventry are listed below:


With excellent mileage and top-notch performance in all weather conditions, Carrier All-Season is one of the best options for you to go for. It offers optimum safety in wet conditions as well.

Some other features of Carrier All Season include:

    • 3D Sipe Technology

Offers better handling in dry conditions, and shorter braking distance

    • New silica compound and tread pattern

Provides top-notch safety in both, wet and dry conditions

    • Intricate Profile Geometry and New All Season Compound

Offers better mobility, along with safety in different weather conditions. A mileage boost is an additional boon as well.

Continental- Vanco FourSeason 2

Vanco FourSeason 2 is an all-year-round top-performing van tyre. Engineered in Germany, this is one of the best mud and snow tyres. Its features include:

    • Latest Rubber Compound Technology

Thanks to its rubber compound technology, this tyre offers maximum wear resistance. Therefore, providing maximum economy all year round.

    • Detailed Computer-Aided Design

Thanks to its intricate design and stiff tread pattern, Vanco FourSeason 2 offers excellent handling on dry roads. Thus, ensuring high safety in the summer season.

    • Reliable Traction and Braking Performance

This is one of the best grip-providing tyres on wintry roads. By dispersing water and snow, it also provides the best safety in snowy conditions.


Arguably known to provide more mileage than its summer, winter and all-season competitors, Agilis CrossClimate is longevity promising tyre. Below are some of the unique features that make this tyre one of the best options for van owners.

    • Robust

Enhanced sidewall protection through unique kerbing shields. Derived from innovative truck tyre technology, Agilis CrossClimate is equipped with an abrasion-resistant rubber compound.

    • All-Weather Protection

Agilis CrossClimate is the leader in all tyre categories for braking in dry road conditions. It is an A-rated wet grip tyre that is approved for winter use as well.

    • Unique Tread Pattern to Maximise Traction

Its unique V-shaped design with massive tread blocks is the key to excellent traction. Wide grooves of Agilis CrossClimate are known for their self-cleaning capacity.

At Coventry Tyres, we cater to all the needs of our customers by providing them choices that seem to designed just for them. Our experienced professionals can help you make an excellent choice as per your requirements and usage pattern.

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