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No one anticipates a tyre puncture in their day-to-day commute. When on the road, different conditions, terrains and objects impact our tyres more than we can imagine. Sometimes it is not one but multiple damages that culminate in a puncture over time. The puncture repair Coventry car owners need, is one that shall root the problem out for good. And Coventry Tyres aims at achieving just that. Here is a simplified journey of a puncture from its causes to repairs.


Punctures are a difficult problem to spot. With experience and observation, a few frequent causes have surfaced like:

  • A sharp object like a glass shard, a nail, or debris
  • Material wear and structure weakening with time, that render the tyre unable to bear the weight of the vehicle.
  • Redressed tyres when subjected to manoeuvre under intense loads.


In a punctured tyre, the air finds an outlet and escapes, resulting in low tyre pressure. This can cause tremendous damage not just to the rim but to the tyre tread as well. The eventual effects can come out in two ways.

  • Blow-Outs: A blow-out, or burst, is immediate damage to tyre material and structure. It becomes dangerous because the tyre flattens in a matter of minutes. In a lot of cases, you wouldn’t even have time to get your vehicle back in control. Also, burst out tyres are damaged beyond repair. Therefore, it is dangerous in real-time scenarios and expensive in its aftermath.
  • Slow leaks:It is the type where the air inside the pneumatic tyre takes a considerably long time (say, days) to leak out. A slow leak is comparatively less hazardous as it doesn’t take out the conditions to drive immediately. This gives the driver some preparation time before the tyre gets repaired.


Whether it is a burst or leak, do not apply the brakes as hard as you usually do. That’s because you don’t have the reliable cover and cushion of an inflated tyre. Sudden braking can cause your vehicle to skid. Instead, you should bring your car to a halt and park it on the roadside with its blinkers on.

  • One temporary method to repair a puncture is with the help of a canned sealant. A wax-based latex solution is forced into the tyre towards the puncture and allowed to dry. It is effective for punctures with a depth of up to 5mm. Diameter. This is a quick and safe ‘fix’ if you are on the roadside or other unsafe locations until you find a puncture repair Coventry facility.
  • Patch repair is one of the most popular methods to fix a flat tyre. The tyre is removed from the wheel, and the inner surface around the puncture is smoothened. The puncture is then treated with rubber cement to act as a reinforcement. A patch is applied on top of the cement. It is pressed hard against the inner wall to push the cement and the patch glue into the last gap.
  • Plugging is also in widespread usage. It is an improvement from the sealant however patches are preferred over it. It involves removing the embedded object and plugging the cavity with rubber cement. It is performed with the help of a handle.

If you’re confused about the method you should employ for your tyre, we’ll save you the trouble. Coventry Tyres will have a look at the puncture and check it until you are satisfied before we label it ‘OK’ for the roads. Come on in and leave with a smile.