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    Eminent performance with the assurance of unmatched safety is what Continental’s tyres are promised with. Since 1871, continental tyres has been continuously evolving with the world and its requirement. It is the constant dedication that has helped continental to grow into a giant it is today. Continental values the safety of its customer and so do we. Therefore, we, at Coventry Tyres, highly recommend our customers to drive to us and have a look at our extensive collection of Continental tyres Coventry.

    It is the technological advancement at continental’s facilities that have enabled it to come up with numerous unbelievable inventions. The most essential of them all is the invention of tyre’s tread. With the research of tread for the tyres, Continental opened gates to a whole new realm of tyre techs. That is not all; Continental is committed towards road safety. It took an initiative of reducing the death toll happening due to tyre failures of a vehicle to complete zero. The initiative later came to be known as “Vision Zero.”

    The outstanding performance offered by Continental Tyres has gained the attention of many vehicle manufacturers worldwide. The colossal car manufacturers like Renault, Toyota, Honda, Porsche, Ford, BMW, GM, etc. use Continental as their original equipment. Further, Continental tyres are an excellent fit for various variants of vehicles. Be it a coupe or an SUV, the tyres from Continental perform exceptionally with all types of vehicles.

    To assist you with some of the exemplary tyre models from Continental, allow us to list three of its top models.

    Continental Conti Premium Contact

    Promised with superb dry grip, Continental Conti Premium Contact is a tyre capable of providing unmatched braking distances. The tyre is the prime choice as far as steering and handling are concerned. Motorists highly trust Continental Conti Premium Contact while making tight corners in city traffic settings.

    • Superior dry and wet grip
    • Low rolling resistance
    • Efficient noise reduction

Continental Conti Winter Contact

To fight the harsh conditions of winter, Continental Conti Winter Contact comes with dedicated tread. The treads of this tyre are strategically designed to disperse a large amount of water efficiently. Increased number of sipes provide the tyre with enhanced biting capabilities that grips the snow brilliantly. The overall result is reduced braking distances.

  • Excellent traction on snow
  • Reduced braking distances
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency

Continental Conti All Season Contact

Tread design catering to every season requirements, Continental Conti All Season Contact is best suited for every season. The tyre comes with a hybrid rubber compound enhanced with silica that is compatible with, both, hot and cold weather conditions. Continental Conti All Season Contact has impressive summer performance along with unmatched winter traction.

  • Exceptional snow control
  • Advanced unidirectional tread
  • High ride comfort

It is just a small taste of high-quality branded tyres that we store at our garage. In case your tyres are failing you, don’t forget to visit us, at Coventry Tyres. We have an extensive collection of branded tyres waiting to be fitted in your vehicles. Drive to us, and check out our wide range of Continental tyres Coventry today.

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