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Dunlop Tyres

    Looking for an efficient set of tyres that can support your car in different climates? We, at Coventry Tyres, host a fabulous collection of summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres, made by Dunlop. Moreover, if you are an off-road enthusiast, you can also benefit from our amazing off-road and all-terrain tyres.

    Our tyres are made under the latest safety standards that will provide you with a comfortable and secure driving experience.

    As far as the manufacturer is concerned, you should know about Dunlop tyres Coventry

    Dunlop Tyres: Achieving excellence

    Founded in 1889, England, Dunlop tyres have been the ideal choice of people for buying an exciting range of premium and mid-range tyres. Moreover, the racing industry prefers using Dunlop tyres for their car as they claim to offer high-performance technology and optimum road contact.

    Although the manufacturer is older than a century, it never fails to provide superior traction and precise steering, be it racing tyres or be it consumer tyres.

    In the current time, Dunlop is owned and run by Goodyear tyres in North America, Europe and several other parts of the world. Moreover, it is used as original equipment on premium cars such as BMW, Audi. Mercedes and Rolls Royce.

    Being a customer, it is your right to educate your self with the features of Dunlop tyres.

    Perks of Buying Dunlop Tyres

    • Improved resistance to hydroplaning, all thanks to its asymmetric tread pattern.
    • Excellent stability and cornering precision because of central rib design on the tread.
    • Enhanced control over the road along with fabulous dry grip.

    If going through these perks is not enough for you, having a glimpse over some Dunlop tyres will be beneficial for you.

    Best Dunlop Tyres present in the market

    Dunlop Sport 5

    An amazing winter tyre for providing supreme performance in chilling temperatures. Dunlop Sport 5 also features a self-supporting rim, that helps to keep your car moving even after punctures till certain distances at specific speeds. Usually, the support goes till 50 miles at 50mph of speed.

    Some out-of-the-world features promised by Dunlop Sport 5:

    • High-speed support of up to 168 mph (confirmed by Dunlop engineers)
    • Reduce tyre noises to provide a pleasant driving experience on the roads.
    • In-built rim protectors to safeguard your wheels from any damage.

    Sport Maxx Race

    Made with a hard-rubber compound, this tyre is ideal for withstanding hot and humid temperatures in summers. Moreover, Sports Maxx race comes with excellent dry grip support on both off-road and on-road terrains.

    Some of the brilliant features of Sports Maxx Race:

    • Optimum performance for both dry and wet roads.
    • Low braking distances as compared to its competitors.
    • An excellent performance against hydroplaning.

    These were some major Dunlop tyres. If you too want to fit your car with such tyres, visit us at Dunlop tyres Coventry
    for some exciting discounts and top-notch tyres offered by Dunlop. Our team aims to provide excellence and satisfaction in every single service and product.

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