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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?

Winter tyres

Are your regular tyres unable to provide you with the required grip on the road during winters? Does your car slip too often on snowy and icy roads? This all indicates that you haven’t equipped your car with winter tyres. Each season demands a different set of tyres and the winters are no exception. To drive smoothly on those snow-struck roads you will require the assistance of winter tyres. These tyres don’t get stiff in the winters which allows them to tightly grip the roads.

The Concept of Winter Tyres

As stated earlier, winter tyres are a special category of tyres designed to deliver exceptional performance in the winter side of the year especially when the temperature falls below 7 degree Celsius. The material employed in crafting these tyres has a substantial amount of natural rubber and silica. This makes these tyres soft enough to roll over the freezing roads with ease.

The tread of winter tyres Coventry has more depth than regular tyres allowing them to grip the snow more efficiently. A regular winter tyre has a tread depth of 8 to 9mm which considerably more than your average tyres. The grooves are also much wider and deeper which channel out water and snow more efficiently.

Features of Winter Tyres

If you drive in a region where the weather is dominated by extreme winters, then winter tyres are a must for you. These tyres have their own set of perks that can greatly help you on those snowy roads. Still not convinced? Well, let’s list a few major advantages of winter tyres -

  • Their architecture allows for a better grip on winter-dominated roads as they are crafted out of a softer compound which doesn’t get stiff and rigid in cold temperatures.
  • They offer low-rolling resistance on snowy surfaces.
  • Winter tyres save your car from slipping on roads blanketed by ice and snow.
  • These tyres display considerable durability in winters making them a cost-effective choice.

Where Can I Buy an Efficient Set Of Winter Tyres?

If you seek a slick set of winter tyres, then look no further than Coventry Tyres. We are a garage that hosts one of the finest collections of winter tyres in all of the United Kingdom. Here, you can get your hands on some durable, efficient, and cost-effective winter tyres. At Coventry Tyres, we present tyres crafted by the most prominent brands and manufacturers in the world.

Still not convinced? Well, allow us to mention some of our finest winter tyres -

Bridgestone Winter Tyres

We all are well-familiar with the name of Bridgestone. Time to show you some fine Bridgestone tyres from our inventory -


  • Incredible grip on snowy and icy surfaces.
  • Offers reliable handling in winter conditions.
  • Impressive traction on snow.


  • Optimum braking and gripping capabilities, especially on icy roads.
  • Provides excellent traction on snow
  • Durable structure.


  • Amazing snow gripping capability
  • Seamless handling on icy terrains
  • Comes with Bridgestone’s tyre warranty

Pirelli Winter Tyres

Here are some amazing Pirelli winter tyres straight out of our collection -

P Zero Winter

  • Amazing winter performance
  • Superior on-road comfort
  • Splendid traction on snow

Carrier Winter

  • Unrivalled gripping and traction on snow
  • Highly durable structure
  • Amazing weight-load capacity

Scorpion Ice and Snow

  • Excellent gripping and braking capability
  • Superior stability on snow-laden roads
  • Comes with run-flat support

So, this was a slight glimpse of the enormous range of winter tyres we host at Coventry Tyres. Visit us to avail exciting offers on different seasonal and terrain tyres.