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A misaligned set of wheels is a prominent factor in dragging down the overall efficiency of a car. Tyres are the primary and possibly the only point of contact of a car with the road. They are the ones that ensure the mobility of a vehicle. However, when the tyres lose their appropriate alignment, they can act as a major hindrance to the overall manoeuvrability of a car.

Does this all sound too complicated? Well, then allow us to uncomplicate it for you.

What is Wheel Alignment?

It is quite natural for the wheels of a car to break out of their regular alignment. The wheel section of a car bears a lot of shocks and jolts coming from uneven roads, abrupt braking, and similar factors. This is where the useful application of wheel alignment comes into the picture.

Wheel alignment is an essential part of the vehicle maintenance procedure. It involves inspecting the angles of the wheels and adjusting them if so required. It plays a highly critical role in ensuring uniform performance of your car. In this procedure, the various suspension angles like the Thrust, Camber, and Caster are tweaked and readjusted in their correct order. Each car manufacturer provides a different angle of wheel alignment. So, the angles are adjusted as per the specifications of the manufacturer.

What Happens if the Wheels Get Misaligned?

A misaligned or an out-of-alignment set of wheels can prove to be very bad news. For starters -

      • Wheels that aren’t in their desired alignment can lead to a decline in on-road grip and braking.
      • They also adversely affect the traction capabilities of the tyres.
      • Unresponsive and hard steering is also an inconvenient result of misaligned wheels.
      • They can also lead to uneven and abrupt tyre wear

Wheel Alignment at Coventry Tyres

Do you seek a competent and professional wheel alignment service? Then look no further than Coventry Tyres. We are an eminent garage that offers excellent wheel alignment service. Our seasoned experts coupled with cutting-edge technology hosted at our garage is more than capable of rendering services that sit well with your specific requirements.

At Coventry Tyres, we discharge our wheel alignment service in a very uniform and sophisticated manner. From inspection to alignment, everything is carried out in a very well-defined fashion. To ensure that the service is carried out in a streamlined way, we have divided it into a series of steps -

      • First, our experts give a thorough inspection of the current alignment of the wheels.
      • In the next step, the wheel alignment is compared to the specifications given by the vehicle’s manufacturer.
      • Finally, the overall alignment of the wheels is adjusted by tuning the suspension angles

This highly cost-effective wheel alignment procedure is carried out in a fairly swift manner that provides our customers with adequate convenience.

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