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A lot has been said about the importance of tyres. They derive control, responsiveness, predictability and safety for a vehicle. Being the only part of a car that’s in contact with the road, it undergoes tremendous load and wears as well. In all of this, it’s very obvious to understand what care these tyres may require.

Time and again, your tyres need replacement. Now that is something that may not come cheap. In fact, tyre replacement has its cycle, so you must always be prepared for the attached expenses. But if you’re someone who is looking for cheaper alternatives, you have landed at the right place. Coventry Tyres is the all-in-one destination for your tyre-related queries.

Coventry Tyres has a humongous arsenal of tyres of all make and specifications. But the best part about us, apart from our excellent brand new tyres, is the collection of equally impressive and cheap part-worn tyres Coventry.

Why part worn tyres?

Part-worn tyres are used tyres that have been on the road before but haven’t lost their touch yet. You can find a lot of garages offering similar products, but the range and prices we offer are unmatched.

Used tyres are an excellent way of saving a huge sum of money on a product that offers you the same features you desire. You get the same control and overall driving experience. These tyres can bear your vehicle’s load without putting one on your pocket. That is the best kind of deal you’d ever find. You can also select the size, specifications, number, and the brand that will fit your vehicle in the best way possible.

Laws for tyre resale

There are regulations in place in the UK for the resale of used tyres, and by keeping a close eye on the details, you can ensure that you get the best value for your money. Also, these guidelines provide that what you’re buying is actually usable and not absolute junk.

The Consumer Protection Act entails The Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994 Act which controls the sale of part worn tyres. The law requires the part worn tyres to have:

  • A pass for full inflation test before sale
  • Clearly, visible tread pattern grooves with a minimum depth of 2mm
  • Repair work done in compliance with the regulations specified in 4-7 of BS AU 159
  • The ‘E’ sign and ‘Part Worn’ embedded clearly on the sides with a thickness of at least 4mm
  • Come from a trusted retailer with an established record and accountability
  • No bulges, lumps or cuts. No steel chords, bridges or inner structure should have been hampered.

Are they safe?

A lot of our customers have been sceptical about the safety standards and how efficient these tyres can be in upholding them. With these laws in place, not just your safety but your rights as a customer are also protected. It is strongly advised not to buy tyres from a seller who has not tested the tyres or has existing repairs in them.

If you have already been won over by this brief introduction to part worn tyres Coventry, then Coventry Tyres is the best place to find quality at a fantastic price. Visit now and get the best of both worlds.