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Bridgestone Tyres

    Founded by Shojiro Ishibashi, Bridgestone is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world. ‘Bridgestone’ is the English translation of its founder's name, which means ‘stone bridge’. It has now become a household name in more than 150 countries that are spread throughout all the continents.

    With ‘being the best’ as their aim, Bridgestone has grown exponentially while success was always by its side. From becoming a global tyre-manufacturing leader, all thanks to its excellent products, to having 150k employees spread over 180 research facilities, Bridgestone has left no stone to develop not only products but relations as well.

    We, at Coventry Tyres, offer these efficient products at excellent rates. You can be sure to receive nothing but the best at our garage. Some of the products that we offer are listed below.

    DRIVEGUARD (Summer and Winter)

    The innovative DriveGuard technology allows you to keep driving for 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50mph even after facing a puncture. Available for, both, summer and winter season, these tyres are the perfect solution of dealing with a flat tyre.

    Other features also include:

    • Connected shoulder blocks for optimized pressure distribution.
    • High silica content compound for shorter stopping distance.
    • High siping for excellent hydroplaning performance.

    ECOPIA EP150

    Ecopia EP150 is an excellent tyre for those looking for excellent fuel efficiency. It can also offer high traction and stable handling in wet weather conditions. This eco-friendly tyre can ensure amazing driving experience while making it a good experience for nature as well.

    Some other attributes are:

    • Revolutionary Nano-Pro Technology to control the interaction between compound elements.
    • Better material choice and innovative technology reduce tyre weight.
    • High angle lug grooves for better resistance against hydroplaning.

    TURANZA T005

    Turanza T005 is designed to provide an amazing driving experience in the most rigorous conditions. Best in class braking and cornering abilities are an additional advantage of these tyres as well. Some other features of this tyre are:

    • High volume slots help during aquaplaning.
    • Unique steel and stiff polyester reinforcement ensure superior handling.
    • The synergy of pattern and new compound technology enhances wet grip.

    Bridgestone has been at the peak of the tyre industry for more than eight decades now. Their expertise is a boon for customers and a bane for their competitors. Bridgestone leaves no stone unturned when it comes to brainstorming new ideas and innovations.

    We, at Coventry Tyres, understand that Bridgestone tyres might not necessarily be in someone’s budget owing to there high prices. However, even part worn tyres Coventry of this brand can provide you with the grip and control that the majority of new tyres are incapable of.

    If we have been able to gain your attention and interest for new tyres, check out our Tyre Finder Tool, located at the top of the page, to explore our inventory of Bridgestone tyres Coventry. Just enter your tyre-specifications, and you can be sure to get your hands on excellent products at amazingly affordable rates.

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