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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Sudden vibrations while driving, inefficient road contact, and a less-responsive steering wheel, all these are evident symptoms of an unbalanced set of tyres.Simply replacing the worn out tyres when adversity strikes them isn’t always the wisest solution. There are measures such as wheel balancing Coventry that are effective in nourishing your tyres back to their actual potential. We, at Coventry Tyres, recommend our customers to get their wheels aligned before opting for tyre change.

What is Wheel Balancing?

Rebalancing and equalising the weight ratio of the wheels is the essence of this process. Wheel balancing involves readjusting the weight of your wheels so that each wheel conveys even weight distribution. It so happens that over time the wheels of your car get imbalanced around the axle. This disturbed weight ratio can lead to deterioration of the performance of the tyres and can cause them to lose their grip on the road.

The principal objective of wheel balancing is to even out the unbalanced weight ratio of the wheels. This procedure enables uniform weight distribution among thewheels, which eventually rejuvenates their original strength.

Benefits of Wheel Balancing

The wheel balancing has its fair share of advantages. There is an impressive range of benefits that come with this balancing process. So, it's time to understand them in an elaborate fashion -

Encourages a Smoother Drive: It is pretty obvious that an unbalanced wheel won’t be able to deliver appropriate performance. This significantly diminishes the on-road comfort while driving. Wheel balancing re-establishes that smooth driving comfort by rebalancing the weight of your wheels.

Saves Abrupt Wearing of Tyres - Even the slightest of difference in weight can quickly erode the structure of a wheel. Wheels spin at a very fast pace and the heat generated from their movement can translate this slight weight difference into lasting damage. Thus the process of wheel balancing, in a way, extends the life cycle of your tyres by adjusting the disproportionated weight ratio of the wheels.

Ensures On-Road Safety - This doesn’t need much of an explanation. Wheels with uneven weight distribution can act as a catalyst for a major accident. This minor abnormality causes the wheels to lose their performance gradually. They become near-unresponsive to the commands of the driver. So, wheel balancing Coventry comes off as an effective measure in restoring the performance of the tyres and making them safe for roads.

How is Wheel Balancing Performed?

Wheel balancing is not a very elaborate process. To balance your uneven wheels, a machine called balancer is utilised. The wheel is placed on this balancer, and then the wheel is spun at a very fast pace. Then the balancer points out the heaviest point in the wheel. Then weights are added to the opposite of the heavy area so as to fix the uneven weight distribution. That's pretty much all there is to this process.

Where can I Get My Wheels Balanced?

If you seek an efficient and effective wheel balancing service, then look no further than Coventry Tyres. We have invested several years in the domain of wheels and tyres which allowed us to hone our expertise to perfection. Our team of seasoned experts and professional technicians, coupled with our cutting-edge technology are more than capable of getting your wheel balancing Coventry done most appropriately. So, please don’t wait and visit us, at Coventry Tyres.