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Keresley is a civil parish in the City of Coventry, located just a short 13-minute drive from Coventry Tyres.

If you are looking for “top-quality tyres near me”, you have landed on the right page. Our inventory features a wide range of tyres from top brands like Continental, Michelin, and Bridgestone.


Our team of experts will help you choose the right tyre for your vehicle and driving needs, ensuring optimal performance and safety on the road.

Wide Range Of Tyres For Every Season And Terrain

We offer a wide range of tyres Keresley to suit every driving need and budget, including:

All-Season Tyres: Our all-season tyres are known for their optimal performance throughout the year. Built with a balanced blend of soft and hard rubber, these tyres are ideal for driving on roads when the weather is not too extreme, providing excellent traction and durability.

Summer Tyres: Our summer tyres are made of hard rubber to effectively disperse heat from friction, ensuring optimal performance on dry roads. With a simple tread design, these tyres provide adequate traction without demanding excessive braking force, ensuring a safe and smooth driving experience.

Winter Tyres: If you frequently drive on snowy surfaces, our winter tyres are perfect for you. Made with softer rubber and deeper tread blocks, these tyres offer superior grip on snowy roads, promoting safety and stability during extreme winters.

4x4 Tyres: If you own a 4x4 vehicle in Keresley, these tyres are designed to provide ultimate grip support across rugged tracks or sandy surfaces. They offer superior driving comfort and safety, making them ideal for adventurous off-road journeys.

You can also buy run-flat, performance and van tyres from us.

Innovative Car Services For A Smooth Driving Experience

We offer a comprehensive range of car services, such as:

  • Hunter Wheel Alignment
  • Battery Replacement
  • Brake Repair And Replacement
  • Suspension Check
  • Puncture Repairs
  • Car Servicing

Our team of experienced technicians uses cutting-edge technology and tools to diagnose and fix any issues with your vehicle, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

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