Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


Tyre pressure happens to be the unsung hero that takes care of your journey from the starting to the end. This is one detail that a lot of drivers do not heed to, while some are also ready to compromise with it. Little do they know of the consequences and the discomfort that an incorrect air pressure entails. For the basic, the rim and the tyre rubber can be damaged upon impact with the road. It is not for nothing that experts recommend frequent tyre pressure check Coventry. Coventry Tyres offer free tyre pressure check services absolutely free of charge. Drive your way to us and get it checked with the aid of our friendly staff, all without a sweat.

Causes Of Incorrect Tyre Pressures

There is only one reason for the overinflation of tyres, that is when excess air is pumped deliberately, mistakenly or due to pump malfunction. However, deflation of tyres can happen for a lot of reasons. Some of them are listed below.

    • A leaky valve cannot hold the air pressure inside the tyre. Any unwanted outlet will only allow the air to escape and decrease pressure.
    • Just like the leaky valve, an incision, rupture or puncture is also an unwanted outlet that reduces pressure levels.
    • Cold weather causes the gas molecules to contract, thus, creating less pressure even if you have checked the PSI readings carefully.
    • An incorrectly fixed tyre has gaps and allows the air to leak.

Effects Of Improper Pressure Levels in Your Tyre


    • Fuel Economy of your car is reduced if the tyre pressure is not adequate. This is because when the tyre is underinflated, it offers a bigger contact area than required. This results in greater surface and rolling friction created upon contact with the road. Thus, to generate the same output, your engine does more work to overcome this friction and requires more fuel. Not just the economy, but the environment also suffers because of the excessive burning of fuel. The gaseous emissions from the vehicles have always posed a threat to the environment and low tyre pressure is only going to make it worse.
    • Reduced pressure in the tyre also makes it very difficult for you to control your vehicle. When brakes are applied, the vehicle tends to drift either side of the road. This puts your car’s and your safety at risk.
    • As mentioned before, an underinflated tyre provides a greater area of contact. Therefore, a greater area is subject to wear and damage. More wear would mean replacing your treads often and a burden on your finances. 


    • An inflated rubber tube with little margin to get compressed is not an ideal condition to drive in either. It decreases the ride quality by making the tyre bouncier, adding to your discomfort.
    • An overinflated tyre extends the dimensions of the tyre, so much so that the centre tread is in constant contact with the road. It reduces the chances for the tyre’s complete tread pattern to flatten and provide a contact patch. That’s why the centre tread wears out faster.
    • And because of this, the control and the overall driving experience is affected. This is attributed to the loss of traction because the side treads are extended tightly to the sides instead.
    • With less traction and reduced tyre area in contact with the road, controlling your vehicle becomes a challenge.

The tyres with more pressure than required heat up faster. Combined with the extra pressure, there is an increased chance of a tyre-burst. This is a grave concern in traffic for your life and property, and for others.

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